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The Sequestered Nook

I like a little sugar in my tea, a smidgen of cheese on that cracker, some garnish on a salad (but not too much) and ... (running out of food metaphors)... something novel in a novel.

About Me



I wear the old coat and buy the old book, unless its a favourite in which case I scout the internet for a signed first edition. My sister, Georgia, and I run an online bookshop, Ryan O'Horne Books, which specialises in out-of-print, rare and antiquarian editions. Despite this I unashamedly love my Kindle (I'm an in with the new and keep hold of the old kinda girl).


My passions are books, my boyfriend, my family and my friends and so I spend most of my time with them. Other than that I like writing (not usually in an organised fashion), flying around in old fridges with wings (aka light-aeroplanes), having hot baths, drinking tea (any kind will do except lapsang souchong) and eating cheese....


I will read pretty much any genre and anything; books, magazines, newspapers, blogs... toilet walls. I've never regretted reading anything, even if I really didn't like it. I do regret being unable to finish books that I have started.


Usually, I only write for my own pleasure, in notebooks and on scraps of paper, rather than with any useful purpose in mind. I am a total beginner at writing reviews but an old-hand at talking about books with my friends and family.